Click here for a Word .DOC list of rules and prizes for all Fall Fair contests.





Here in after, the South Waterloo Agricultural Society will be identified as the "Society" for the purposes of this document.


Thursday 4:00 p.m. to 11:00p.m.
Friday 4:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 11:00p.m.
Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00p.m.

Buildings will open 1 hour prior to the above opening times to
allow Vendors access to their booths before opening to the


Wednesday, Sept 4, 2018 10:00 am. – 9:00 p.m.
Thursday, Sept 5, 2018 10:00 a. m. – 1:00 p.m.

DRAPERIES : All tables must have a black skirt covering the tables front.  Company-owned displays and backdrops may be placed inside own booth/space areas.  Certain restrictions may apply.  Note: if an exhibitor wishes to bring their own carpet, it must be securely taped to the floor.

1. In order to make bookings definite, full payment must accompany the signed contract. All spaces to be paid in full - Cash or cheque made out to "South Waterloo Agricultural Society". Please NO Postdated cheques. After July 31, 2019, all payments must be made by Certified Cheque, Cash, e-transfer, or Money Order. No Refunds.

2. The Society is not obligated to accept any contracts and the Society may cancel any contract without refund on violation of any rule, regulation or term of this contract. The decision of the Society will be conclusive and final of any violation.

3. Exhibitors must solicit only within the perimeters of their Booths. Soliciting outside your booth without WRITTEN permission of the Society is deemed violation of this contract.

4. Exhibitors must be open and available for viewing for the full duration of the Fall Fair during normal business hours. Set up times will be between 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 pm, Wednesday September 4, 2019 and also Thursday September 5, 2019 by 1 pm. Booths and exhibits MUST REMAIN INTACT UNTIL CLOSING of the building on Sunday, Sept.8, 2019.  At this time, exhibitors will be allowed to remove, and tear down displays.

5. Exhibitors will be contacted if this application is denied, if you are not contacted then your contract has been accepted and you will be expected to show up on dates above to set up your booth, booth destination/passes will be given then.

6. Preferences to booth # will be given consideration, but not guaranteed. All booths will be kept clean at all times.

7. Chairs, tables, skirting, curtains, extension cords, etc. are supplied by the Exhibitor.

8. Should any questions arise and not be provided for here-in, the Society's decision will be final.

9. The Exhibitor will indemnify and save harmless the Society, its members, directors, employees, agents and the Corporation of the City of Cambridge from all claims for loss damage or injury to persons or property caused through any wrongful act, neglect or default. The Society, its members, director’s agents and the Corporation of the City of Cambridge will not be liable to the Exhibitors, its employees’ agents, or customers for any personal or bodily injury, or damage of property. The Exhibitor is responsible for the insurance on its own property from loss or damage in accordance with Canadian insurance law.

10. If electrical outlets are required, please indicate on your contract.  Available to Business Booths only not Crafter Spaces.

11. Parking for vendors is available, however if you park in the designated fenced area to the side of the building near George St. the gates do get locked up and cannot be unlocked until the end of the night due to safety reasons.

12. NOTE: Each Booth will receive three (3) entrance passes. These can be picked up on set-up day. You will be charged at the gate if you do not have your pass.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

13. All Vendors with food items are responsible for filling out required information on forms provided to you by the Society for the Waterloo Regional Health Department.

14. Unauthorized cars parked will be towed.  Parking Permits MUST be visible in windshield.

For further information contact: The Fair Office at (519)267-2267 (Leave a message)



Are you are between the ages of 13 – 18 years (by August 1, 2019)?

How would you like an opportunity to serve your community, win great prizes and have lots of fun?


As the Fall Fair Ambassador, you will represent The Fall Fair during the four days of the Fair and

at community events throughout the year. You will also enjoy a two-night stay at the Sheraton

Hotel in Toronto while meeting other Ambassadors across the Province at the CNE Ambassador Competition.

The contest will be held August 28, 2019 at The Royal Canadian Legion (branch 121).  The contestants will be judged based on interview, speech, their answer to an impromptu question, and overall professional poise.

If you love the Cambridge Fall Fair, meet the criteria, and would like to represent the South Waterloo Agricultural Society, enter the Ambassador Competition using the form below!



  • Contestants, single male or female:

  • Senior:  13 years of age to 18 years of age as of August 1, 2019

  • Must be a resident of City of Cambridge or neighbouring municipality.

  • Must have resided in Canada for the past two years.

  • Winner of the Senior Competition will represent the South Waterloo Agricultural Society at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Ambassador of the Fair Contest.

  • Contestants will be judged on interview, speech, community knowledge and involvement, presentation, deportment, and personality.

  • Winners and Runner-ups of the Senior Competition must be able to attend throughout the duration of the Fair and other scheduled events.

  • Components of the competition include:  a. an interview of approximately 10 minutes in length for both Junior and senior competitors b. A speech about Agricultural practices or issues, rural life and related activities.  Senior:  approximately three to five minutes   c. A current events quiz consisting of 10 questions for senior competitors d. An impromptu question, which will be provided by the Committee.


  • Resumes to be submitted by August 9, 2019  to South Waterloo Agricultural Society,  or by Email to

  • For more information, please contact:  Yvonne Power 519-624-1140

BABY SHOW "Barn Yard Babies"


*** please right-click, save and/or print the form below***

Got Questions? email :

babyshow2019 form.jpg



The Baby Show starts 11am, Sunday Sep.8, 2019 inside Dickson Centre  (check in by 10am!)


⦁    Girls: newborn to 6 months        
⦁    Boys: newborn to 6 months
⦁    Girls: 6 to 12 months
⦁    Boys: 6 to 12 months
⦁    Girls: 13 to 18 months
⦁    Boys: 13 to 18 months
⦁    Girls: 19 to 24 months
⦁    Boys: 19 to 24 months

We have raised the age category to 24 months and twins will not be placed into the baby contest as individuals.  We will be holding the first 8 categories where the judges will decide on winners in each class and baby of the year champion.  Judges decisions are FINAL.  Judges will not enter in discussions while judging is taking place.  Once the judging is complete we will need about 15 minutes to add up scores.  An adult of 18 years of age or older must accompany the baby on stage.

This year’s theme is BARN YARD BABIES so please bring your babies dressed up accordingly to this year's theme (to be announced).  There will be a prize for the best costumed themed entry.

⦁    Entries are limited to 100 participants.
⦁    Contestants must be newborn to 24 months
⦁    Sign in time will be at 10am at the Maskerade manor booth by the stage.
⦁    Baby show will start at 11am.
⦁    Registrations must be completed and in before the Saturday of the Fall Fair.
⦁    Register online or drop off registration form at Maskerade Manor,  Maskerade Manor booth at the fall fair by Saturday or email to:  or visit FB page: Cambridge Fall Fair Baby Show 2019